Daisy Jones and The Six

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Book Name: Daisy Jones and The Six

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Language: English

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publications Date: March 5, 2019

Category: NYT Bestseller Books

ISBN: 9781524798628 (ISBN10: 1524798622)

Hardcover: 355 Pages

Book Cover

Daisy Jones and The Six


Book Review:

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a captivating novel that takes readers back to the 1970s rock and roll scene. The story revolves around the fictional band, The Six, and their rise to fame with the help of the enigmatic and talented singer, Daisy Jones. The narrative is presented in an oral history format, with various characters sharing their perspectives and memories of the band’s turbulent journey to success.

The novel explores themes of love, passion, addiction, and betrayal through the lens of the music industry. Readers will be drawn into the story of Daisy and The Six as they navigate their way through creative differences, personal relationships, and the pressures of fame. The characters are complex and relatable, with their flaws and vulnerabilities laid bare for all to see.

The main focus points of the book Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid could include:

  1. The plot: The story follows the rise of the fictional rock band, The Six, and their collaboration with the enigmatic and talented singer, Daisy Jones. The plot explores the relationships between the band members, their creative differences, and the pressures of fame.
  2. The characters: The novel features a range of complex and compelling characters, including the members of The Six, Daisy Jones, and various other individuals involved in the music industry. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations that drive the plot forward.
  3. The themes: The book explores various themes, such as creativity, love, addiction, betrayal, and the price of fame. Readers may analyze how the author portrays these themes and the insights they offer about the music industry and human nature.
  4. The setting: The novel is set in the 1970s, a period known for its unique fashion, music, and cultural changes. The setting may provide an opportunity to discuss how the author uses the historical context to create a vivid and immersive atmosphere.
  5. The writing style: The novel is written in an oral history format, with various characters sharing their perspectives and memories of the band’s journey. Readers may analyze how this format affects the pacing, characterization, and themes of the novel.

By considering these focus points, readers may gain a deeper understanding of the novel and appreciate its unique blend of music, drama, and storytelling.

Popularity and Awards:

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid has gained significant popularity since its release in 2019. It was a New York Times bestseller, and its popularity was further boosted by the publication of an audiobook, which featured a full cast of narrators and was praised for its immersive quality.

In terms of awards, Daisy Jones and The Six  has been a finalist for several prestigious literary awards, including:

  1. The Goodreads Choice Awards for Historical Fiction in 2019
  2. The Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2020
  3. The Audie Awards for Best Female Narrator (for the audiobook) in 2020

Popularity and Awards

While the novel Daisy Jones and The Six did not win any of these awards, its recognition as a finalist indicates its widespread popularity and critical acclaim. The book has also been optioned for a television series adaptation, further cementing its cultural impact.


While Daisy Jones and The Six  by Taylor Jenkins Reid has received widespread acclaim, some readers and critics have expressed the following criticisms:

  1. Unlikable characters: While the characters in the novel are complex and well-developed, some readers have found them to be unlikable and difficult to root for. The characters’ flaws and mistakes may make them less sympathetic to some readers.
  2. Lack of tension: Some readers have noted that the novel lacks a sense of urgency or tension, particularly in the second half of the book. The plot may feel too predictable, with few surprises or unexpected twists.
  3. Historical accuracy: Although the book is a work of fiction, some readers have criticized the historical accuracy of the portrayal of the music industry in the 1970s. Some have noted that the novel focuses on a small subset of musicians and may not accurately represent the broader music scene of the time.
  4. Writing style: While the oral history format is unique and adds an interesting layer to the novel, some readers have found it to be distracting or repetitive. The dialogue-heavy style may also be difficult to follow for some readers.

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